The VRC women’s side lost to Richmond in the sole VRC fixture this weekend, conceding four tries while being unable to find the end goal, 26-0 at the final whistle.

Richmond scored their first try in the third minute of the 60 minute, 12-a-side game, and it appeared to wake the VRC girls up. The fresh team tightened up, pouncing on loose balls for turnovers. The Richmond try came as they made the most of some positioning luck, but the Rowers were able to keep them from scoring any more tries until the second half.

The Rowers attack looked good early, as they sprung Sophie Gannom on the outside for a long run, but neither that or any of the other big breaks were ultimately turned into points.

Despite the outcome, it was clear that this team had come together and shown massive improvement. Victoria Carriquiriborde and Ashley Osachuk both showed strong ability on defense and with the ball in hand, while first year Rower Kerryanne Magee ran some intelligent lines that gained territory.

But the women were unable to put the elements of the solid rugby they were playing together to make any tallies. The defense suffered from problems in alignment, and was not able to stick tackles behind the gain line in a manner that shut down and opponent’s pattern. Richmond just kept coming, advancing before being drawn down from behind on great second efforts. It felt like the Rowers were to busy trying to slow damage to think about creating some of their own.

The ladies were able to build on strong forward play, especially in the sets, where they had a distinct size advantage. Rowers veteran Jocelan Wallace was able to break the line for an extended run late in the period, but was stopped before the end goal.

The Rowers Women are in action next week against United – 10 am kickoff at Brockton.

All Pictures by Chanel.

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