Saturday November 17th was a beautiful sunny day for the Rowing club to head down to John Oliver Park to take on the Brit Lions in the first ever clash between the two clubs.
Even though the day was beautiful it was a rather somber and important game for the lady rowers, as it would be our #10/13 Baylie Martine’s and Coach Daniel Francis’s last game with the squad.
For the first time since the women’s side restarted themselves, they went into the game with 14 players! That would give them 2 well needed subs for the game. Brit lions would take the first kick off and rowers received to start the game off. The Rowers would have a slow start to the game against a very experienced Lions side who are playing their first year in Division 2 after coming down from Division 1 last season. It would be the first time Rowers would be tested in the scrums this season, although with an extremely strong and forceful pack the Lions pounced and put the Rowers on their heels in the scrums.

[ Rowers pack in one of the many scrums of the day ]
As the game progressed, the rowers showed true heart and never gave up. Although the first half the Rowers were still piecing their defensive tactics together , they came out into the second half guns-a-blazing.
Due to a couple injuries, our super subs ( Katie Henderson and Robynne Shannon) would come on to play for the second half. It would be Robynne Shannon’s first game back with the girls after a chipped collar bone. Two other standouts this game were winger Rainalyne (Rainy) Soloria and Aussie back Holly Patton. Although Rowers lacked experience to the Lions , the Rowers front pack threw out some very big hits in the second half when they got their footing back and the back line put down some amazing chase down tackles. Leading the girls in hits this weekend (4 way tie) would be Patton , Ashley Osachuk , Baylie Martine, and Victoria Carriquiriborde, each with 10 tackles.

[ Carriquiriborde being taken down by Brit Lions back]
With heart and determination Rowers would (as always) would put Lions in their place in the Lineouts. Once again winning every line out in the game. As well as some great phase play in the second half resulting in Patton scoring her first Rowers try and Captain Chantalle Bracken doing what she does best, kicking the conversion. Although the Lady Rowers have yet to get the W, they look to change that this weekend against Ridge meadows (In Ridge Meadows) at 11:15 am Saturday.

Farewell to 2 people who have made an huge impact on this program.
Daniel Francis, you have set a standard for this team and changed the lives and outlooks on every single one of the girls with your coaching and friendship. You never gave up on us no matter what the circumstances.
Baylie Martine, for someone who has never “sported” you brought so much energy and heart to this team and made each player a better person. We wish the best for both of you and (wether or not you like it) you both will always be a part of this crazy family.
Once a Rower, always a Rower.
Forward of the Match – Chantalle Bracken
Back of the Match – Holly Patton
VRC Hammer (biggest hit) – Robynne Shannon

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