Women starting off the second half at Brockton Saturday

Rowers Women’s are kicking off their first game of the new half against scribes this Saturday, January 26. This will be the Rowers Womens’ with 12 players, and three subs. The ladies have been training hard over the break, and are ready to lace up the boots and hit the pitch.

After saying “see ya soon” to first half coach Daniel Francis, who has returned to New Zealand, the Women are very happy to welcome Luke Robson who will be lending a hand with the Women’s division.

New year New, ladies

The Womens team is incredibly happy to have had huge growth over the first half of the year, and look forward to continuing it into the new year.

In the first half of the year, the Rowers Women welcomed;

Sarah Hayes – Ireland, who has brought incredible banter and positivity to the team.

Holly Patton- Australia, Patton has stuck to rugby like a bee to honey, a great attitude, and even better tackler.

Ashley Osachuk-Campbell River, BC, who brings comradery and focus from her years as a wrestler.

Katie Henderson- England, she is always a smiling face and brings a great sense of humor, and knows when it is needed the most.

Julia Mitchell- England, including the sense of humor previously mentioned, she knows how to get the job done.

Victoria Carriquiriborde- Argentina. Carriquiriborde brings heart and spirit, always willing to push harder and do more.

Baylie Martine-Alberta. Martine brought fierceness and courage to the team that was unmatchable.

Tiana Paltiel- Victoria BC, Paltiel a force to be reckoned with on the field, is always waiting for the next challenge to overcome.

New Blood

The Rowers Women are also excited to welcome some rugby novices, stepping onto the pitch for the first time this Saturday.

Ilze Burger – South Africa; who has already shown incredible dedication and commitment.

Eloïse Maillard – France, Maillard shows incredible heart, and never gives up on the task at hand.

Olivia Roberts-Victoria BC. comes to the field read to focus, and have fun.

Come out and see the Rowers Women this Saturday at Brockton. Kickoff is 10 am.

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