Saturday March 24th marked VRC’s last 3 game club day and a game that the ladies have been waiting for all week. The Lady Rowers have met Langley in League matches twice already, seeing a 1-1 record, making this last game against them that much sweeter. With gloomy weather rolling in the morning of the game, the Rowers game plan had slightly changed. They knew that they had to now make short quick passes and catch everything they could in the slick and slippery conditions.
Kick off was taken by Langley at 11:15, Rowers received the ball and gained well deserved meters as they utilized their speed and strength running with the ball. This was shown by our #12 Abbey Doucet as the opposition kick came to her almost every time, , making clean catches when the ball came her way. Throughout the game the girls would show their strength and resilience with quick runs down the line as well as crashing through Langley down the middle with force. Robynne Shannon and Chanelle Crump were standouts in this game in those aspects. Shannon receiving the ball and crashing hard down the middle with strong fends and no fear in sight. Crump would then follow with her strong runs down the sides and continuing even after smashes from her opponents. 
Chanelle Crump beating her defender as she sprints down the wing
As the game went on the skies cleared up a bit and the rain held off, making the day that much better. Right before half #3 Chantalle Bracken would make a promising run down the line beating her opposing prop and winger before she would be taken down 10 meters from the try line and offloaded to teammate Abbey Doucet for try right before half. The Rowers would hold Langley off at half with a score of 24-0
Coming in at half was our long awaited super sub Robyn Smith at #4, who had turned heads with her stunning line out skills in the first half of the season. She was a force to be rekonded with this game, making great tackles and forcing Langley out the side on many occasions.

Robyn Smith with her stellar line out abilities , snatching everything that was throw in the air.
Although Langley would come back to score 15 points in the second half with their dominant scrums, and turn overs from a few of the rowers mistakes. But the Rowers would stick it to them and score a few more of their own in the second half. We would like to congratulate  Rowers athletes Robyn Shannon and Madison MacLeod on scoring their first tries in a rowers jersey! Stellar performance from both ladies this game.

Captain Chantalle Bracken taking 1 of her conversion kicks (she would hit 2 kicks this game)
Tries Scored this game by Chantalle Bracken, Abbey Doucet, Mikiela Nelson, Robynne Shannon and Madison MacLeod.
Best Forward- Mikiela Nelson
Best Back – Abbey Doucet
Captains- Chantalle Bracken and Madison MacLeod

Final game score

Girls celebrating their long awaited win!
Up next for the Rowers is a Friendly Match at Brockton vs UCLA U-23 on Saturday March31st!

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