The Rowers 3rd division lost an away game to the Kats 22-15. The thirds played hard in the first half, defending well and leading by 3 at the intermission. The defense couldn’t hold, so they were sent into the bye week with another loss. The Thirds have a bye next week while the Prems and First division take on UVic at home. The thirds play next March 21st away at Kamloops.

In better VRC news the annual captains’ dinner was a terrific success. This reporter has scant recollections of the event, but this video was recovered.

Wild times!

Fortunately for Ruck Muck readers, the Captains’ dinner was live-tweeted by the Rowers own @NotJeremySabell, so I’ll use that to piece it together.

A pleasure to be at the @VRCRugby Captain’s dinner with players who were players when players were PLAYERS.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

First, a polite request for civility.

Would the Chatty Cathys at the back kindly SHUT THEIR YAMMERING GOBS!? thanks.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

Followed by a bit of a history lesson (no substitute for experience).

2 of 7 @VRCRugby alumni stories involve people jumping off the mast tower. FACT.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

A bit of legal advice. This had to do with a Tom Braidwood story, IIRC.

No no no. You can’t be an accessory after the fact if the guy telling the story is an attorney. FACT.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

Some practical encouragement…

Anyone trying to backchat O’Gorman is going to have to speak LOUDLY.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

O’Gorman now pattering on about loyalty, trying to start the most boring cult EVER.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015


Some are inclined to ask WHY we have a rookie gravy chug. Those people are FOOLS with NO imagination.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

And it all started falling apart.

This room is getting harder to shush.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

Textbook yard execution by Trevor Cheon. TEXTBOOK. Good luck at @sunnybankrugby.
— sabellfish (@NotJeremySabell) March 8, 2015

In any case, make sure not to miss next year’s event. While the specifics are fuzzy, VRC captains from as far back as the 1950s gave talks that showed how the club has grown and how proud all of its members are to be a part of it. Big thanks to Timmy Shaddick for putting it all together so well. We’ll see you all next year!

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