VANCOUVER – The VRC Rugby Section is proud to announce that a Return To Play policy has been accepted by BC Rugby, clearing the way for The Rowers to return to the pitch in a manner that keeps our members and the community safe. The ratified policy is the result of diligent work and co-operation of the Rowers Return to Play Committee and BC Rugby, and we’re all very much looking forward to take the first steps towards throwing the ball around again.

Details will be forthcoming on the dates and specifics of the beginning of fitness training for the 2020/2021 VRC Rugby season, so watch this space for updates.

Volunteers Needed

The ratified Return To Play plan relies on a staff to keep the protocols, so VRC Rugby is looking for volunteers for the following positions.

Reception Manager

Reception Assistant

Equipment Manager

Support Staff for set-up and tear down.

Volunteers will be working directly under the VRC Coaching Staff and Safety Coordinator. Interested parties should contact Chris Seyler by email


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