There was a mix of sun and cloud at Brockton Saturday morning, and spirits were the same. The girls had no idea how this game would go.

Sel Bernard going for the tackle while Cliona Ni Mhaolruaidh goes for the ball rip.

Rowers started off flat, with UBC scoring the first try within 3 minutes of kick off, moral was kept high as the ladies discussed coming back in strong after. However on this cloudy day that wasn’t the case. Playing 10s and having the opposition request uncontested scrums, the women’s team was out of their element with the second try being scored at the 9 minuet mark.

Mhairianne Mckeeve crashing the ball.

“Whatever you ladies had for breakfast this morning, you’re never having it again before a game’ Coach Luke Robson said in the dead ball zone after the women were scored on again. Selmarie Bernard, proved herself as a defensive player, making almost every outside tackle, as well as Heyman Wong making a saving tackle to draw the penalty. Despite several players making hard hits, and creative back-line plays, it was clear that the team as a whole was disjointed.

Sarah Hayes running the ball for yards.

Tiana Paltiel got to play in the red and white for the first time since two years out due to injury, Paltiel came in ball hungry, and tackle dominating as if she had not missed anytime on the pitch. Regaining power and discipline during the second half the rowers tried to make a mark, with Sophie Gannon scoring the first try for the Rowers assisted by Cliona, and Hayes with Kerianne Magee making the conversion. The forwards were pushing against UBCs defensive line to gain yards, with Ashley Osachuk scoring the last try of the game with a pick and go from 5 meters back of the try line. Despite the score, the ladies will train hard this week, and be ready for next Saturdays game against Langley

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