Full slate of games set for Brockton Oval

The Rowers challenge for a lineout in Kelowna Sept. 27. The third division side lost
the match 48-5. See here for more pictures.

It’s Family Day at the Oval Oct. 4. The Club will host Burnaby Lake for a full slate of matches and the annual family event will feature face painting for the kids, along with other games and events. It is also the opening day for the 2014-2015 premiership.


The Rowers 3rd division traveled to Kelowna Sept. 27 for a game against KRFC Crows. The match provided a difficult spectacle for participants and spectators alike. Kelowna were the better team on the day, running out a 48-5 victory.

The visitors, for a lack of mental preparedness, could not properly harness the considerable fitness and talent they displayed the previous week against Burnaby. Many of the young Rowers on the squad were making their first rugby bus trip. The youngsters learned the hard way what road games are all about as they battled, futilely, against a very organized, very talented Kelowna team playing at home.

The Red & White showed flashes of eye-catching talent on offense, with long runs and broken tackles that amassed many yards. But the simplest aspects of the game proved to be the squads undoing. Poor tackling and weak defensive shape plagued the thirds and a lack of support caused turnover ball deep in Kelowna territory. After the match, many thirds were eager to show improvement versus Burnaby at Brockton Oval for Family Day.

Oct. 4

11:30 3rds vs. Burnaby (Brockton Oval)
1:00 1sts vs. Burnaby (Brockton Oval)
2:45 Premiers vs. Burnaby (Brockton Oval)

Oct. 11

Bye week: Thanksgiving Weekend

Oct. 18

11:30 3rds @ UBC (Wolfson Fields)
1:00 1sts @ UBC (Wolfson Fields
2:45 Premiers @ UBC (Wolfson Fields)

For the rest of the schedule visit this page: Rowers 2014-2015.

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