All three teams play at home this weekend–

George Richmond reels in a line-out ball March 17.

Saturday’s a rugby day. And Brockton Oval is the place to be March 24 for citizens of the VRC Nation. All three Rowing Club rugby divisions play host at their Stanley Park ground to the Bayside Sharks. Thirds kick-off at 11:30 a.m., seconds kick-off at 1 p.m., and firsts kick-off at 2:30 p.m.

The weekend’s games are pivotal for all three divisions. 

The Mighty-Firsts (6-0) are only one point up on  second place Bayside (5-1). Their last match was extremely close and only ended 37-35 in favour of the Rowers. Matty James’ penalty goal was the difference. Bayside will be looking for revenge in a match that will likely determine which team ends up first overall in the Okanagan Spring Brewery Leauge 1.  

The Super-Twos (4-1) are also holding down first overall in the Okanagan Spring Brewery League 2 with 20 points, but Bayside (3-1), sitting at 15 points, have a game in hand. The last match between the squads ended 22-5 for the Rowing Club, but don’t expect a repeat of that score. Bayside will play a much tougher game this time around. And with the Rowers coming off a 14-5 loss at Richmond, they’ll need to dig deep to if they wish for a repeat win against the Sharks. (The Sharks comfortably beat Richmond a couple of weeks ago 43-0.) 

After climbing back up to .500 last week, the Thirsty-Thirds (2-2) will have to work hard as they battle an undefeated Bayside squad (3-0) in the Province Wide Third Division. The teams haven’t met this year. Bayside’s last game was a 48-0 win over Richmond March 3 and the Rowers last game was a 60-10 win over Richmond last week. This game could determine whether or not the Thirsty-Thirds make it into the playoffs. 

The weather forecast for Saturday is sunny, with a high of 12°C.

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