A shuffled deck of VRC 2nd Division players got over some early mistakes and sloppy play to come together as a unit and beat the Scribes 31-19 at Brockton today, earning their first home win of the second half in their ongoing undefeated 2017/18 campaign.
The Rowers looked flat at first, lacking aggression and losing the ball in contact, giving a speedy Scribes backline an opportunity to attack into open space and open up the scoring.
Undeterred, the Super 2s used a strong set piece to keep ball in hand and wear the visitors down. Winger “Gentleman” Jimmy Corbet opened up the scoring, scooping up a loose ball created by pressure and running it home to get the Rowing club on the board.

Corbet’s Facebook Header Features a Rowers Team Picture that does not include him.

From there, the Rowing Club defense became the story. Good shape and good communication allowed them to get the most of their opponents’ phase play, and frustrate the Scribes into mistakes. Scribes tries came off of VRC errors that gave their backline the ball in open space, where they most certainly knew how to make the opportunities count.  But when the Rowers 2s kept the ball and ran their pattern correctly, they made yards and gave their own speedy backline space to operate, which payed dividends.
Fullback and Captain “Disco” Stu Holland played a characteristically excellent game, seeing the field well to advance the ball on returns. One return up the touchline in the second half took advantage of 40 yards that the Scribes straight up failed to defend. Holland had one try on the day.
VRC Fullback “Disco” Stu Holand captained the 2nd div and scored 1 try. (file photo)

2nd div staple, new Rower and member of the ever growing Rowers Irish Mafia Shane O’Sullivan had a stormer of a game, thrilling the home sideline with a punishing open field tackle that would certainly have made Rugby Dump if there was film. O’Sullivan also had a try on the day and was instrumental in the attack.
VRC Centre Shane O’Sullivan (centre), had a stormer on Saturday. (file photo)

Perennial Standout Adrian Meiring had an excellent game at winger, scoring 2 tries and making a mockery of the visitors’ kicking game. Adrian also kicked wella. An almost Orwellian failure in record keeping prevents us from accurately reporting his scoring and kicking performance. It may have been 3 tries for all we know.
Veteran Prop and one time owner of a possibly sentient belt, Justin “J-Wo” Wong added his third try in two weeks. A front row teammate of Wong’s, who has asked to remain anonymous, wondered out loud whether or not a prop with that kind of scoring total “is actually All About That Prop Lyfe, or if he’s in it for the glory…” Despite an obvious lust for the spotlight. Wong was an instrumental part of a Rowers 2nds scrum that pushed a formidable Scribes pack around all day, stealing at least one opponent scrum.
The Rowers 2nd Div will defend their undefeated record at home against Kamloops Feb. 17.
Original owner of this belt scored 3 tries in 2 weeks, calls himself a prop.

The Rowers Blog is hiring gameday photographers, and is especially partial to VRC supporters who are watching the game anyway and are comfortable with the volunteer nature of the position.
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