Fight Night 6 Preview
The Ruck Muck is getting excited for the club’s annual amateur boxing fundraiser, Fight Night 6. Here are some matchup previews with more to come as we get closer to Fight Night. Tickets are going quick, so book your spot at!
Seyler vs. Kaye
Chris Seyler is a stalwart of the Rowers Premier side. The 2013 MVP is known for his work ethic, leadership and toughness. The hooker’s impact and determination is legendary. Seyler doesn’t get out-muscled, out-lifted or ever rattled. He was among the first players to answer a call for fighters and, predictably, Sportdsesk Promotions had trouble finding a willing opponent.
Brandon Kaye doesn’t appear to be intimidated by The White Kimbo. He’s giving up some weight, but has a clear reach advantage and will no doubt rely on his athleticism. Kaye has risen quickly through the divisions since joining the VRC last year. The quiet lock has used his speed, conditioning and talent to gain an understanding of the game uncommon to 2ndyear players. The former baseball star and and current Better Bodies personal trainer has dedicated himself to his pre-fight training and will doubtlessly bring a tactical, high energy approach into the ring September 12th.
Expect an entertaining fight from this pair. Both fighters are well-conditioned and tenacious, so they’ll be punching through the final bell.
Dignan vs. Parlato
Lock It Up Productions own Italian Stallion Justin Parlato took a hands-on approach to filling the fight card for FN6, putting his hand up to be ½ of the evening’s heavyweight throw down. The big 2nd row buriser has never been the type of player to shy away from contact, and may be the only rower with the physical and mental ability to stand in against Dignan.
Sean ‘The Irish Giant’ Dignan is the largest Rower in any division. His combination of size and natural athletic ability is rare, and his height and reach complement his latest adventure as a heavyweight fighter. Reports out of the Dignan training camp are optimistic. Dignan is known for compulsively sticking up for teammates, so we’re looking forward to seeing if that aggression can be controlled and focused for long enough to get him to decision time against Parlato.
With both fighters over 6′ tall and weighing in north of 230 lbs, this has the potential to be a heavyweight tilt for the ages.

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