Thirds end season with well-deserved victory–
Photos: Malin Jordan

Colin Robinson picks the ball from the back of a scrum in 3rd dive action
versus the Surrey Beavers April 21. The Beavers had to play in T-shirts for
the first half until their kit arrived.

The Thirsty-Thirds managed to end the 2012 spring campaign on a high note by topping the Surrey Beavers 38-24 on April 21 at Brockton Oval. The Rowers’ win gives the squad a lot to build on for next year as many of the players who contributed to the victory, with solid tackling and some great running, were rugby newcomers.

Surrey started the game strong and scored an early try. The Rowers played the opening part of the match on the back foot, but they were able to hold Surrey outside the VRC 22-metre line for most of the opening half. They stayed in the match with some good set play and counter-rucking at the breakdowns.

The Beavers seemed to control all of the games’ momentum until Jakey Curtis manhandled a Beaver near the 40-metre line. Curtis helped put the Thirsty-Thirds back in the match when his key tackle forced a turnover. The Rowers successfully converted the opportunity into points and the turnaround ensured the squad was firmly in the game.

Jakey Curtis gets ready to make a pass to Tugboat in the first-half against
Surrey April 21.

Thirsty-Thirds stalwart Robin Mallinder rushed onto the pitch in the second frame and rambled 40 metres for a try in the first five minutes of the half. He pulled off the exact same feat in the Richmond game earlier in the season, only this time he did not separate his shoulder diving across the line.

The game was tight in the second half as both teams traded a few converted tries. But 24-24 was as close as the Beavers got as David Hill and Alex Ackerley added late scores to put the game out of reach for Surrey.

Attilio Mastrota pops a pass to Alec Morrison.
Alec Morrison passes off to a racing Atillio Mastrota.

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