Two games at Brockton Oval this weekend–

The regular season closes with two matches at Brockton Oval April 21. The 3rds play the Surrey Beavers and the 1sts and 2nds play an inter-squad touch match.

The Thirsty-Thirds — already out of the playoffs — look to finish the season on high note by ending with a win. They could also spoil Surrey’s chances at a playoff round birth in the process.

The Beavers, currently in 4th, need a big win as only the top three teams make the playoffs. Though they need to combine this with a Capilano ‘a’ loss to Richmond, which seems unlikely. So the die may already be cast for the Beavers’ silverware bid this year.

The Thirsty-Thirds kick-off against the Beavers at 1 p.m. on Brockton Oval.


The Super-Twos have a bye this weekend and — regardless of the outcome of any other games — finish alone in first place. With the first place finish the squad gets a bye into the championship final on May 5. Location and start time TBA.

(According the BCRU site, as of today, 4th place squads do not make the playoffs in the Okanagan Spring Brewery Leagues. Last week the site noted that 4th place squads did make the playoffs.)


The Mighty-Firsts also have the weekend off after the Cowichan Piggies RFC defaulted their scheduled match at the Oval. The 1sts get a bonus-point win out of the disappointing turn of events. They finish the regular season with 44 points and are alone in first until Saturday when Bayside faces the Velox Valhallians in South Surrey.

If Bayside downs the Victorian squad, and captures a bonus point in the process, they will again be tied with the Rowers for first overall — each at 44 points. If that scenario works out, which seems likely, then first place will be determined by the tie-break process.

A muddy Braden Maccke enjoys 1st div action from
the sidelines earlier this year. Maccke is set to start
against the Surrey Beavers April 21.
Photo: Malin Jordan

I’m not sure how the tie-break works, but if the BCRU bases it on wins and losses, the Rowers would end up in first with a 9-1 record, while Bayside would be second at 8-2. If they base it on bonus points, Bayside would go through by virtue of 12 points against 8. If the process is determined by points-for, then Bayside would go through as they have (as of April 19) 397 points-for, to the Rowers 284. 

(As mentioned above, according the BCRU site, as of today,  4th place squads do not make the playoffs in the Okanagan Spring Brewery Leagues. Last week the site noted that 4th place squads did make the playoffs.)


The 1sts and 2nds play an inter-squad touch game Saturday morning, kick-off is at 11:15 a.m. The game offers players an intense run to help the team stay focused and match-fit.

“The run is non-contact, but (it will be) a vigorous touch rugby session that will keep up our fitness and help keep us sharp,” noted team coach Jeremy Sabell.

The Weather Network forecasts Saturday to be a fair day with a lot of sunshine. The Rowers are inviting fans, families, and alumni down to have a BBQ at the pitch and soak in some citizenship in the VRC Nation.

“It will be a sunny day. I can guarantee that,” said Duncan James. “(It’s) a great chance for us to get together … throw the ball around, and — for a change — be the social voice and support for the 3rds.”

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