VRC women’s rugby team showed up early Saturday morning to a rainy pitch in maple ridge, ready to face off against ridge meadows for a second time.

The ladies started the game with low energy and lack of cohesion in defensive line.Kira Langer at hooker, and Channelle Crump and Katie Henderson swapping at 8man the Rowers had a little switch up in positions to get used too.

Hediah Haj setting the precedent for the game by always being first one up off the defensive line, Haj was a tackle machine throughout the game, stealing the ball resulting in several turnovers for red

After going uncontested in the scrums, luck was on the Rowers side and won a ball that was ridge meadows put in.

Robynne Shannon making several phenomenal tackles, and Crump who almost scored a try, both made great try-saving tackles throughout the game.

After half time red came back stronger on the defense putting up a fight against ridge meadows, and playing some good hard rugby.

Sarah Hayes proving to be a powerhouse, as well as sly, started noticing how often the ball would go over in the lineouts, Hayes starting to outsmart ridge, setting up for the overthrow resulting in a turn over which assisted in red scoring a try.

Eloise Maillard, back from competeing in the french national badmonton championships (and winning) made several great runs, as well as solid on the defence

Langer proving her speed as our usual 8man, made a great 60 meter run, almost resulting in a try, but unfortunately stepped out and was flagged by a an honest linesman (Thanks Jake).

Giovanna Hillel scoring the rowers only try through out the game, once again proving her speed

Unfortunately, due to injury, the game was called short, with 9 players left on the field, removing most players due to a suspected head injury.

We want to shout out Ridge meadows for great hosting in an awesome brewery, Ridge Brewing. Thanks guys!

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