Saturday the Rowers showed up to Capilano field for a much-anticipated game against the Scrapilanos. Having a team of 12 with subs, the women were excited for a day of rugby.

Starting the game, the Rowers fell short due to lack of discipline and communication, with Capilano scoring the majority of tries in the first half. Giovanna Hillel on wing, proved that not only is she fast, but she is strong. Hillel made many a chase downs during the first, and second half, making try saving tackles. Other winger Channelle Inez Crump, and Fullback for the first half, Holly Patton held their own in our last line of defense.

At half time the women took a moment to regroup and refocus, coming back into the game with a stronger defensive line and fighting back, hard. Despite having four of our starters on the side due to injury, the rowers dominated the scrums. Ashley Osachuk came in the second half at eight-man for the first time in that position, Osachuk dominated rucks, and showed great speed off the scrums. Newer Players Ollie Roberts and Shyann Gilmour showed strength and power in the second row. Gilmour made great tackles through out the game and Roberts proved persistence by being at and supporting countless rucks.

Rowers Ladies were in for a surprise when Powerhouse Tiana Paltiel dusted off her boots and took to the field for the last 15 mins of the game. Paltiel, despite being out for 7 months due to injury came back like a duck to water being positioned all over the field. Blowing out the rucks, and breaking their defense, In the last 5 mins of the game rowers were within the 5-meter line, and Paltiel almost scoring what would have been our last try.

Despite having an unorganized start the ladies were able to come together, and enjoy their time on the field in the sun with fellow teammates.

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