Despite a strong effort, the VRC Premiers dropped one at home to Seattle today, falling 38-22 to a side that had the discipline to make fewer mistakes.

The Seattle Saracens went up 9-0 in the first 20 minutes after converting three penalty kicks, all from respectable distances at odd angles. The Seattle kicker demonstrating both distance and accuracy on the day.

Standout centre Jordan W-R scored two tries Saturday.

The Rowers phase play and defense looked good early, showing a very physical Seattle team that they weren’t afraid of contact. Hooker Jason Carton was on the receiving end of a Seattle defender’s attempted tackle in the 20th minute that elicited an “oooohhh!” from the Rowers sideline, but kept his feet and was able to complete an offload and keep the Rowers’ attack alive. Second row forward and Captain Kelly Anderson was lost in the 39th minute to an offsetting red card for some physical play at the rucks, leaving both teams with 14 men for the duration of the game.

Pictured: 2/3 of a PROPER Rowers front row, who know how to put their weight to use.

Standout centre Jason W-R had an exceptional game on both sides of the ball, scoring two tries and putting on a clinic on how to be hard to tackle. JWR’s second try came off of an offload from fellow centre Tom “Tommy Moustache” O’Hare, at the end of a long run into space.

Running into steady resistance from a physical Rowers defense in tight, the Saracens found ways to get it to their back line in space, both on counter attack, off the kickoff, and using quick hands outside, to create the open-field situations in which they excelled. Seattle hit all of their conversions and earned the win with a consistent, well-executed effort.

Nick Wackwitz picks from the base to move the ball as the Rowers Pack sets a ruck.

The Rowers were able to find some space themselves, fullback Nick Wackawitz scoring a try with time expiring to make it a bit closer. Carton also had a try on the day picking from the base, but those two and JWR’s two weren’t enough to come out on top against Seattle.

The Prems loss puts them at a 4-8 record on the year, 9th in the BC Premiership. They’re in action on the road next week against arch rival Capilanos.

All Photos Amy Rankin

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