The Rowers Reserve side lost to the Capilanos at home on this wet Saturday afternoon, 26-11.
The Reserves played a much tighter game than the final score indicates, showing strong drive and fitness against a well-drilled Caps team who found ways to play with the ball in hand all day.
The Caps struck first in the 16th minute, creating an overlap on the outside and getting the ball to a very quick back-line, who didn’t appear to be slowed by the wet conditions. 7-0 Capilanos.
But the Rowers Reserves have a quick back line of their own, and were able to use it to answer in the 19th minute by getting the ball to winger “Mad” Max O’Connor, who found paydirt and made it 7-5. Halfback Oisin Daly was able to hit a penalty kick in the 28th minute to give the Rowers a brief 8-7 lead, but it wouldn’t hold up.

“Mad” Max O’Connor, shown here in a file photo, scored the Rowers’ Reserves lone try Saturday.

A Capilanos penalty kick in the 30th minute made it 10-8, they were able to add another try in the 32nd minute to make it 15-8, another penalty in the 39th minute to make it 18-8, and they never looked back.
The Rowers defense was strong all game, and forward play was especially exceptional. Our scorekeeper had second row forward “Big Mike” Caldecott and veteran back row dynamo Quinn Cowie tied for the tackling lead with eight tackles a piece, and strong tackling totals all down the sheet.
Centre “Disco” Stu Holland stuck a beautiful shoulder tackle on a Caps attacker in the 20th minute, causing him to drop the rock, then scooped the ball up to turn the attack the other way. Rowers D would only allow one more try and one more penalty kick in the 75th minute to make for a final score of 26-11.
Flanker Naill Bermingnham, showing some tenacity. The Rowers were forced to defend for much of the day.

This loss came down to the Reserves not being able to execute with ball in hand, making for extended periods of defending that wore them down quicker than they could wear down their opponents.
The loss puts the Reserves record at 3-4 in the first half. They’ll be in action next week on the road against the Maralomas.
Second Row forward Graeme Young, recently healed and back on the pitch, had a great game on both sides of the ball Saturday.

All photos Amy Rankin.

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