The VRC Super 2s played tight, high discipline, low error rugby for a full 80 minutes on Saturday to beat the Britannia Lions at Brockton 46-25. The win keeps the 2s 2018 season alive, and puts them in a semi final game next Saturday.

Sunshine and Matt Liszt were the heart of the Rowers attack in the Quarterfinal

The Sunshine comes out at Brockton

Lanky flanker Jack “Sunshine” Nerraw began a monster outing with a pick off the base of the ruck and a hard carry straight through the visiting defence for a 20 yard run that put the Rowers on the front foot early. Sunshine had 8 tackles in the Rowers win.
The carry set up a series of crisp phases that culminated with an opening try in the far corner by “Handlebar” Henry Recinos to make it 5-0 Rowers at the tenth minute. Centreback Shane Xavi O’Sullivan ran an important support line off of Sunshine’s attack to set a ruck and retain the ball. “Top Knot” O’Sullivan set several key rucks in open play to retain crucial positions after quick runners broke the defensive line. Despite a making good yards with the ball, The Rowers were unable to add to their lead before the lions tied it at 5-5 in the 23rd minute.

2nds find their RHYTHM, break an early tie

The 2nds attack was in prime shape, softening up the Lions defence with hard runs off 9 in the forward pack and gaining territory along the outside whenever they were able to make the space. 
Fly half and scoreline staple Oisin Daly was able to use a dummy pass to create a seam in the defence and put one in under the posts in the 27th minute. He added the conversion himself to make it 12-5.

Osin Daly goes for a run with The Godfather, Ezekiel Cowell, and BD Dan in support

The Lions would add another try at the 32nd minute to keep it close by exploiting consecutive lapses in the Rowers’ otherwise solid defence and cut the lead to 2 points (12-10). Coach Bice made note at half time and again after the game that the only mistakes that the Rowers made were missed tackles and the occasional lack of defensive shape.
The two point deficit was as close as the Lions would get. Crafty Rowers scrum half Chris Nolan was able to work a beautiful kick and chase to Paddy “Luck of the Irish” O’Connell to make it 17-10 going in to the half, but the Rowers weren’t ready to let up.
After a savage turnover at the ruck by tight head prop Gus “The Bus” Crowe, the Rowers mounted a textbook counter attack, getting the ball to Steve “The Godfather” MacGillivary for the bulk of the yardage. Once caught, MacGillivary worked an offload to fullback “Disco” Stu Holland, who moved it to centre Matt Liszt, then back to Holland to finish the attack with his first of two tries on the day and make it 22-10 in the 52nd minute.

This is the 2nd Div We’ve Been Waiting For

The attack was characteristic of the Super 2s’ rugby. They ran a high motor pattern that took advantage of space, had plenty of support and didn’t sulk when it didn’t work. It was the type of rugby that the team expects of themselves and it felt great to be playing it. This author was subbed in for Crowe after Bouge’s try, and immediately felt a sort of confident focus among the 2nd div.
The defensive lapses that haunt Coach Bice showed up again in the final 20 minutes, as the visitors were able to add three more tries through missed tackles, but it didn’t end up making a difference. Tries by Narraw, Dan “BDD” Francis, The Godfather, and second one by Cole came in succession from a hungry, high-paced Rowers offence that was saying, “Ok. Let’s make sure.”

Matt Liszt makes a late tackle

The tackle created a turnover. BDD in support.

Pedal Down At The Very End

Being the benefactors of a penalty in the 79th minute, halfback Chris Nolan kicked for position but was unable to find the touch line, giving the speedy Lions backs a chance to counter. After a multi phase attack that moved them about 40 yards up the field and into Rowers territory, budding romance novel cover model Matt Liszt was able to execute a heroic tackle plus turnover to give his team one more chance at running that addictive, high pace pattern, and they didn’t disappoint. The final minute try made it 46-25, and put the Rowers in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
The Rowers 2nds will play the winners of today’s Burnaby Lake v. Langley game in a semi final next week. The Result of the Burnaby/Langley game had not been posted to at press time.
UPDATE: The Rowers 2nds will play Burnaby Lake in the Semi Final. Venue not yet announced.

Not actually Matt Liszt


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