A beautiful sunny St.Paddys day was the perfect day for a game of rugby. Coming off our largest number of girls at a training session (18) the ladies were over the top excited for what was to be a great match up against a team they had seen in the first half of the season. With certain circumstances on game day the Rowers were put down to 11 players going into the game. This is not an unusual thing for a 1st year growing team, but the girls always set up and get the job done even with a player or two short. Ridge Meadows thankfully enough donated a player each half so the ladies had a little bit of help.
At 11:15 the girls finally kicked off in what would be one of the best overall matches they have played. The rowers had the first kick which resulted in a scrum down in the middle of the pitch. Ridge Meadows took advantage of their dominant scrums, got the ball out and scored their first try of the game. The Rowers were not out of it just yet. Rowers would match Ridge try for try as the game went on. First try for the Rowers was scored by tight head prop Chantalle Bracken (C) from a beautiful offload from loose head prop Mikiela Nelson. Chantalle would then add 2 more points to tie it with the conversion. Through the game Ridge Meadows would come into tackles hard and ruck harder, which is where they stole a majority of their turnovers from. The Rowers strength in this game was their ability to offload and keep the ball moving forward which is what hurt Ridge in the defensive line.
As the game went on fatigue was something that did not set in for the fit Rowers side. They kept pushing their hearts out and it showed on the field. Each time ridge would score the Rowers would come right back up and tie the game. 3 more tries were scored by Abbey Doucet who too a game high of 2 tries herself and Samantha Quiago would add 1 more too the board. Chantalle would convert another 4 points off her teammates 3 tries. A few standouts for this game were Abbey Doucet who would crash into anything she could, Kira Langer who showed tremendous leadership and great hands in the line outs, and hooker Laura Hunt.
“Communication is an element that everyone needs to do to improve. Talking on offence in support and on defence to organize the defensive line.” are words from Coach Chris Seyler from last games performance.
We are proud to report no serious injuries happened during Saturdays game (thank god) and the rowers are healthy and happy!
Player of the Match- Kira Langer
Best Forward- Laura Hunt
Best Back- Abbey Doucet
Team Captains- Chantalle Bracken and Madison MacLeod
We look forward to watching the Ladies next game at Brockton Oval vs Langley . Kickoff at 11:15 on Saturday March 24th  followed by 2nd Div mens and 1st div mens games.

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